Q: I think multiple FTP accounts sounds like the best idea to transmit large or sensitive files between us and our clients. It will be great if we could figure out something that is flexible and secure enough for us and our clients. How do we begin?

A: Good question. If it were my business, I would:

  1. Set up an FTP account for any customer who will need to send large and/or sensitive files. You can do this easily, as needed, through the hosting control panel.
  2. Add a link to the Filezilla software (or place it on your site for download) and point people to it. You could even post your directions in the same page.
  3. Email them their credentials.

Finally, I would definitely get the secure certificate for either solution. It will also allow you to send and receive email through protected ports, so it is well worth it for the mere $50/year.