Though we love content management systems, some have a nasty habit of giving control over your important template files to user "nobody" after you've installed the template using that CMS' Install/Uninstall tool (think back to Joomla 1.5). This means your ability to FTP updates to files and folders in your new template directory comes to a screeching halt. Here is a fix you'll want to do for every account this happens with:

  1. Download PuTTY or some other Telnet/SSH application that allows you to enter an SSH shell.
  2. Log into your account's IP address with your root credentials.
  3. Change directories to home/[affectedaccountname]/public_html/templates/
  4. Use command: chown -R affectedaccountname templatedirectoryname (This gives the ownership back to the account. -R is for "recursive" and pushes the change to all files within the specified directory.)

Once you've done this, your normal FTP software should allow you to upload, rename, delete and otherwise edit the files in this directory again.

Or, host with Levaire and you won't have to worry about all this. We run on su-PHP, which solves the 'nobody' issue.