Make sure you are doing the following:

  • Use SFTP instead of plain FTP. We don't allow the latter.
  • Use port 22.
  • Use active mode in your FTP client (passive mode is disabled on our servers)
  • Use the as your FTP URL
  • Make sure you have the correct password! Using the wrong password too many times will result in you getting blocked by the firewall, at which time you'll need to contact us to be removed from the ban list.

If you're seeing your files uploaded are always at 0 bytes, check your disk quota in your cPanel control panel. We may need to increase your disk quota, or you may have to remove old or unneeded files.

These tips should resolve this issue and allow you to SFTP smoothly. Let us know if you have any questions or would like us to make any changes to your disk quota. If you contact us let us know:

  1. Your IP address (go to to discover this)
  2. Send us any sort of error message you are receiving when you try to connect