You may add email accounts to your hosting account through your Levaire control panel (also known as Cpanel.) As you begin this process, keep in mind the naming convention you will want to use.

For instance, if you have a person named Dave in your company, may be easy to use for now, but what happens if your company hires another Dave? Something like brownd (if Dave's last name is Brown) might make your naming convention more "future proof." You may also consider using accounts specifically set up to receive different types of email.

For instance, you may set up an email account your site's visitors could use if they encounter questions about your site (for example, or These are simply some points to consider as you begin establishing your email accounts.

When you log into your cpanel control panel, you will see how many email accounts you can create on the left, under General account information > Email Accounts.

Adding an Email Account

  1. Log into your Levaire cpanel control panel.
  2. On the Interface page click the icon that says Mail. It should be the first option on the page.
  3. On the Mail Manager Main Menu page click Add/Remove/Manage Accounts.
  4. At the bottom of the Mail Account Maintenance page click on the Add Account link.
  5. On the Add Mail Account page fill in the information in the fields. In the email field type in the username you want, for example, admin. Type in the password you wish to use for that email account. In the Quota field you can set how many megabytes of space that you want to allow for that email account.
  6. Click Create. The next page will tell you that your account was created and it will give you the username and password for that account.

You may also consider using fewer email accounts and using Forwarders (also found under Mail) to send emails to those mailboxes. This makes for fewer accounts to check, easing administration.

Removing an Email Account

  1. Log into your Levaire cpanel control panel.
  2. Click on the Mail icon.
  3. On the Mail Manager Main Menu click the Add/Remove/Manage Accounts.
  4. Delete the account you want to remove.
  5. Log out when finished.

P.S. As of 2015, we no longer offer email to new clients. We recommend Microsoft for a collaborative email and calendaring solution. Learn more at