During migration, a new customer with existing, self-hosted email accounts stops receiving email from Levaire. This happens after their hosting account has been established with Levaire, but before the domain name is switched over. The problem: the server becomes confused as to where to send email—to a local domain or to a remote domain. To correct:

  1. Use Putty or another SSH utility to SSH into the host account.
  2. Log in
  3. cd .. [Enter]
  4. cd home [Enter]
  5. etc [Enter]
  6. less /etc/localdomains [Enter]
  7. less /etc/remotedomains [Enter]
  8. vi /etc/localdomains (vi is a Linux text editor)
  9. hit 'i' to insert or delete (to add or delete a domain from the localdomains or remotedomains lists)
  10. esc, shift + :
  11. w, q, [Enter] (to save)
  12. /etc/init.d/exm restart [Enter] (to restart the mail server)

If none of this sounds like fun, just call us at (517) 394-3000 or submit a ticket through this system and we'll work this magic for you